SWWS - Seven World Wonders Server

Static Web Server with dynamic contents adaptation.
Developed in C code with the Pthreads library and the Berkeley Socket's APIs. After connecting with the Server, a user has to pick one of the 7 pictures from the index page representing the Seven Wonders's World; the one selected will be dynamically adapted according to the size of the device's screen.
Designed to support an "unlimited" number of connections concurrently and with the purpose to surpass the Apache Server performance.

Date: March 2015 -> February 2016

Other Contributors: Giovanni D'Agostino, Marco Giorgi

Technologies Used: C | SQLite 3 | Pthreads Library | Berkeley Socket's API | Linux OS | TCP/IP Protocol | HTTP 1.1 Protocol | WURFL (Wireless Universal Resource FiLe) | ImageMagick | Siege

Final Report: italian

GitHub: SWWS